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At Academy of Culinary Arts Malaysia, when you enroll with us, you don’t just learn basic culinary skills. You will understand and feel the whole culinary world around you. You will observe the real meaning and understanding of different cuisines. After completing the program, you will be working as Intern or full time commi chefs at some of the great hotels and restaurants in Asia Pacific.

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Duration: Approximately 30 min

We encourage you to schedule a tour of the school so that you can experience the Academy of Culinary Arts at its full glory! Upon your arrival here, we will bring you to visit the school facilities so you can discover our state-of-the-art teaching facilities as well as observing how the classes are carried out.

Free Trial classes are on every Saturday from morning 11 am –3 pm. you can book your tour either of the 7 Days, week days you can tour the academy where as on Saturday you can tour as well as participate in our free trial class

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